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The Law Foundation of South Australia Incorporated, through its grants programme, provides funding for:

  • the promotion and/or development of legal research in the reform of law;
  • education and training of legal practitioners and/or their employees;
  • education in law and the legal system for the broader community including programmes in schools and universities;
  • assistance for legal services to the community.

Its Fellowships, Human Rights Internships, Prizes and Grants are awarded for legal research, outstanding legal scholarship and service to the legal profession.

Law & Justice Essay Prize applications are invited annually, with the closing date being 31 March of each year. How to Apply

Grant applications are invited bi-annually, with the closing dates being 31 March and 30 September of each year. How to Apply

Fellowship applications are invited annually, with the closing date being 30 September of each year. How to Apply

Human Rights Internships are awarded by an annual grant to the University of Adelaide and the Flinders University.  Students of these universities are able to apply for a Human Rights Internship directly through their university.  The closing date of applications is 31 October of each year. Conditions apply

In considering applications, the Foundation has regard to the published Rules and Guidelines

Further information can be obtained from the Executive Officer,
Mary Walters, by email (
) or telephone 0429 266 611. 

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Human Rights Internship Reports

'Humanizing humanitarian law'

by Asta Hill -
Adelaide University

Cambodian Centre for Human Rights

by Chanel Martin -
Flinders University


Grants awarded in the  financial year ended June 2013

Fellowship Reports
Report of
2012 Fellow

Adam Webster
Research in Colorado USA
on water law