Previous Law & Justice Essays awards

2017 - Nicholas Arundel (The University of Adelaide) - "Cultural Genocide: Evaluating Protections in International Law by  Reference to the Australian Case of the Stolen Generations"

2016 - Jonathan Brohier (The University of Adelaide) - "How should loss of Native Title Interests be Compensated?"

2015 - Claudette Yazbek (The University of Adelaide) -  "After Libya and Syria: R2P's Normative Utility and Future Application"

2014 - Currently under peer review

2013 - Sergey Fursa (The University of Adelaide) - "Traumatising our Future Denizens:  Australia's Legal and Policy Framework of Mandatory Indefinite Immigration Detention"

2012 - James Krumrey-Quinn (The University of Adelaide) - "Enhancing ‘Access To Justice’: Recognition Of Informal Criminal Justice Mechanisms In International Human Rights Law"