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Previous Law & Justice Essays


Katerina Grypma

(The University of Adelaide)

"Taking Better Care of Culture: An Evaluation of Intangible Heritage Protection Under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (VIC)"


Bella Mickan

(The University of Adelaide)

"Trial By Virtual Courtroom: Does the Technology Strengthen or Diminish the Rule of Law?"


Eva Squire 

(The University of Adelaide)

"'Keep Him in Jail': Problems with the South Australian Indefinite Detention Regime"


Simon Guthrie

(The University of Adelaide)

"Analogue Laws for a Digital Age? Regulating Work in a Rising 'Gig Economy'"  


James Goh

(The University of Adelaide)

"Securing the Administrative Appeals Tribunal's Independence: Tenure and Mechanisms of Appointment"


Nicholas Arundel

(The University of Adelaide)

"Cultural Genocide: Evaluating Protections in International Law by  Reference to the Australian Case of the Stolen Generations"

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