The Law Foundation 
of South Australia Inc.

Providing for independent legal thinking


The Law Foundation of South Australia is an incorporated body established in June 1985 under the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 1985. 

The Foundation’s income is produced from the interest earned on its investments, as well as receiving a percentage of the interest accruing on trust accounts of legal practitioners pursuant to section 57A of the Legal Practitioners Act 1981. It is also empowered to accept gifts, donations, trusts and endowments, subsidies and bequests.

It provides grants and scholarships for the provision of legal services to the community, legal research, public education on legal matters and/or training. It also awards a Law & Justice Essay Prize for which students of any South Australian tertiary institution may be eligible to enter.

Its objectives are to:

  • promote or undertake legal research which may be of value in the reform of law;

  • promote and provide legal education including the education and training of legal practitioners and/or persons employed by them;

  • promote or undertake community education in law and the legal system, including programmes in schools;

  • communicate to legal practitioners and others information on the law and matters relating to the law;

  • publish, subsidise or otherwise assist in the publication of materials relating to, resulting from or connected with carrying out the objectives of the Foundation;

  • provide legal services to the community or a section of the community.

The Law Foundation is determined to only award grants to those worthy projects that fit its objectives.

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South Australia Inc.
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